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October 22, 2010

Go Hershey's this Halloween

I received a ginormous box of Hershey Halloween candy this week from the company.  I was overjoyed. Not only could I try out the newest candy assortments for trick or treaters this year but I was saved from buying so many bags for the little ghosts and goblins that will be coming to our front door next week.

This year Hershey decided to go all out and "dress up" their candy.  The Twizzlers Assortment bag is 120 pieces of mini Strawberry Pull'n' Peel candy.  Wild Berry and Green Apple are also included.  It's a great option in lieu of nut or chocolate candy that can cause an allergic reaction or melt in tiny hands. Plus, pulling and peeling is always great fun.  The Hershey 100 pack assortment of Whoppers, Milk Duds, Jolly Ranchers and Reese's Pieces is another nice addition.  I like the variety and the fact that I don't have to buy a separate bag of Milk Duds to satisfy my own personal craving for them this Halloween.  Also new this year are Kisses disguised in silver, orange and black swirls and Peppermint Patties shaped like bats.  Peanut Butter Pumpkins are also in stores as well as bags of Cookies 'N' Creme Jumbo Snack bags and other classic favorites like Kisses flavored like candy corn.

Whatever your favorite candy Hershey has what you crave this Halloween.  Enjoy and Happy Halloween!