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September 27, 2010

Fall 2010 Trends

Fall.  It is going for a run with a cool breeze blowing set against a clear, blue sky.  The scent of a campfire and burning leaves in the air and pumpkins adorning doorsteps.  It is my favorite season and not just because of the bright bursts of color on the trees but also because it is a new fashion season.  Light and airy fabrics give way to thick tweeds and shearling, this year at least.  I flip through magazines and rip out pages pasting them to my bathroom door to give me inspiration through the season.  Make-up undergoes changes as well. I look for ways to incorporate the current fall's latest ideas on the cheap and what to splurge on.  It gives me a sense of renewal each time as I use what's hot with my classics.   Here's what I'm loving right now and you can too.

Nars Illuminator ($29)- I'm a sucker for the Neiman Marcus beauty event each fall and spring.  I stock up on my make-up basics each time and get a free bag stocked full of freebies to try out.  It's like Christmas!  This time a tube of Nars Illuminator in Orgasm was included.  The pinky-gold hue wakes up my face giving me a dewy glow that has people wondering how I look so alert with two kids under five and a six week old. Available at Sephora and Neiman Marcus and wherever Nars is sold.

For years I've been searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick. Lo and behold I found it at my grocery store a few weeks back.  Revlon's 'Really Red' ($7.99) in matte is a perfect middle red shade with blue undertones.  It lasts and brightens my teeth and whole look.  I feel so polished!  Speaking of polish, Revlon's 'Revlon Red' nail polish ($5) is also key this season.  Red lipstick and shiny red nails abound and look great with tailored classics like jeans and a white button-down shirt.  Think La Dolce Vita and leopard print too. Chanel's 'Vamp' another oldie but goodie is back.  I couldn't be more pleased.  I have never stopped loving this dark, sultry nail laquer.  Revlon is available at drugstores and grocery stores nationwide. Chanel product can be ordered online.

Old Navy Sliver Wedge boots are an answer to my black boot prayers.  No longer do I want the spike-heeled version.  OK, I lie. I covet the spike-heel, pointy toe version but it's not practical and if I want a pair of knee-high boots that I can wear and still chase my kids in or carry The Fifth Element and not break an ankle then these Old Navy boots are it.  At $39 they work for my budget and I love them. 

I found this Target Moto jacket (so huge this year!) last week. I tried it on as I still miss my cropped black leather jacket circa 1994 that I wore through high school and college.  As I placed this super-soft jacket on TD exclaimed in an awe-inspired hushed tone, "Mommy! You look super cool in that. You look like a spy!"  Um.. I'm a sucker again. A slave to fashion. I looked at the price tag and thought, "$29 and I can't go wrong!"  The detail is amazing on this piece.  Per usual Target rocks my world.  Available online and in regular and plus sizes.

I found these great ballet flats over at my friend Jessica's blog.  I desperately needed a new pair and these fit the bill.  The price was right and with an Amazon gift card I got myself a nice middle of the week present. 

In addition to these great, affordable finds I have also incorporated a pack of men's white v-neck tees to my wardrobe.  A pack of five set me back about ten bucks and they fit just as well now under a blazer and pair of skinny or 'weekend' jeans (an old pair I've recommissioned and rolled) as they did when I wore them with shorts and tights in high school.  Oh yeah, I wore that trend to death.  I wish I still could because dun, dun, daaaa! It's baaack!!  Throw in a few boat neck shirts that you can find every season at L.L. Bean, Land's End, Boden or Old Navy and you have a updated addition to your fall wardrobe.