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August 2, 2010

Sneak Attack- Cambria Suites Hotel

This summer I have stayed in a slew of hotel chains. While I was in Boise, Idaho for business I had the pleasure of staying a few nights at a Cambria Suites.  I had never been to this Choice Hotel branch before but I really enjoyed my stay. 

New to Choice company Cambria offers full suites for a great price.  As soon as I checked in I was treated well.  The lobby was open and spacious with a large sitting area complete with televisions, a business center and a Wolfgang Puck Bistro and bar.  A full fitness center, pool, small store and outside sitting area are also available.  Cambria Suites is elegant and comfortable without being stuffy. 

My room on the second floor was well maintained with a small bar and coffee console area complete with a refrigerator and microwave.  The bathroom was stylish with a bowl style sink, Bath & Body Works toiletries and a generously-sized tub.  The towels were soft and plush and a decent size.  The bathroom shelves were a tad dusty but everything else was clean.  My room and sitting area was also clean.  It contained a small sofa, large desk and over sized chair in the sitting room area which also contained a flat-screen television.  A partial wall separated the bedroom portion from the rest of the room.  In the bedroom I found a comfortable king bed with a closet, bench and another flat screen television.  The pillows weren't too soft and there was more than enough room to hang my clothes and lay out my suitcase. 

My room really did look this clean and well-appointed.

What I loved best about this hotel was the service, which was exceptiona, and how thoughtful the basics were in each room.  For example, the blinds were not your typical blinds but a single band that easily retracted and blocked out most light.  It made the room very conducive to sleep and relaxation.  There were plenty of pillows on the bed (six total), the desk was very large and there were many outlet plugs all over the room.  This is something I find many hotels lack but not Cambria Suites.  They are equipped for business travelers especially as well as those looking for a bit of relaxation.

While there I did encounter a few glitches with the small bistro but it was all worked out in a friendly, efficient manner.  First, the kitchen's oven was not working so many menu items were not available. Second, they were out of chicken.  The wait staff quickly informed me of this and that there would be a wait for food due to the oven.  The hotel recently opened and they were still ironing out some kinks it seems. The staff comped my bill and gave me free dessert that night to make up for the complications.  The next morning after I had finished the hotel offered breakfast buffet made with organic foods I decided to go back and grab a muffin (from the bistro's coffee bar) for the road.  The server proclaimed, "You hardly ate enough to warrant the full price of the breakfast so consider that included and have a nice day." 

Maybe it was the location of the hotel being in Boise that had everyone so friendly but my entire stay was like that.  The staff was friendly, helpful with directions and never put off or too busy to help any guest.  Everyone around me seemed happy to be staying at this hotel.  I highly recommend it and hope that every Cambria Suites is run this way.  I look forward to staying at other locations. 

MPR Rating:  Five Stars. 

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  All reviews conducted are for testing purposes only.  MPR stayed at the Cambria Suites hotel for work-related reasons.  Opinions are MPR's only.