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June 9, 2010

Massage Envy

As part of a Mother's Day contest I held I recently reviewed one of my local Massage Envy locations for a 50-minute prenatal massage.  I love a good massage and while pregnant it can feel particularly good due to all the aches and pains that can occur.  Throughout each trimester massage can offer a variety of benefits to a pregnant woman.

First Trimester -Relieve headaches, help alleviate morning sickness, reduce fatigue

Second Trimester- Alleviate backaches, relieve leg cramps

Third Trimester - Reduce swelling/edema, relieve pain from varicosities, enhance sleep, prepare pelvic muscles for birth process.

I had mine during my second trimester when my shoulders felt tight and so did my lower back and feet.  When I entered this particular location I was greeted warmly by the staff and immediately waited upon.  This was a nice change as I didn't always get the best phone service when I tried to book my appointment and then later had to reschedule it.  I was soon escorted with a glass of water to a low-lit, sitting room to go over my paperwork with a staff member.  I hadn't experienced this attention to detail and my needs when I had booked massages elsewhere and I noticed that other clients were also being treated in this manner.  Minutes later I met my masseuse, Susie, who took me back to my room to change and have my massage.  There she also went over with my comfort levels with massage.  This too, was a nice change and it showed me that this is definitely the difference with Massage Envy versus spas that simply offer massages. 

A room of dim-lighting, soft music and a full 50-minute massage done with just enough pressure was what awaited me and what I received. It was perfect and Susie was wonderful.  She listened to me when I told her how much pressure I wanted in different areas and paid special attention to my shoulders that really needed to be worked on.  I felt relaxed and refreshed when it was all done and had no pain later, which I have sometimes experienced in the past. 

Massage Envy does work a bit like a gym with monthly memberships and applied discounts.  I was asked to look over paperwork and think about joining but didn't feel overly pressured.  In all, I had a great experience there and would go back again. 

Gift cards are available and locations are located nationwide. 

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer:  MPR was not paid for this post.  All products and services were for testing and review purposes only.  Opinions are completely my own.