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May 6, 2010

Massage Envy Contest!! Plus Prenatal Massage Tips & Benefits

Prenatal massage is an ideal treat that also offers several health benefits for pregnant women. It can relieve discomfort, muscle tension, joint pain, and hormonal changes, as well as improve sleep, lower blood pressure, alleviate morning sickness, and even ease labor pain.

Massage Envy’s prenatal experts at each of the 15 locations in DC work with each client to customize their massage therapy regimen to meet their needs and address any problems or concerns. Before introducing massage into prenatal care Massage Envy offers a few Do’s and Don’ts to help with a wellness plan:

If receiving prenatal massage do:

Consult a physician: Because prenatal massage involves both mother and baby, Massage Envy requires that women consult with their physicians prior to adding massage to their prenatal care. For women with normal, low-risk pregnancies, massage can be integrated at any point but it is advised that massage regimens align with care from a physician or midwife.

Begin prenatal massage as early as your first trimester: Massage can be integrated into prenatal wellness early in the first trimester.

Stay mobile and hydrated: Staying active throughout pregnancy and regulating water intake increases tissue pliability allowing massage therapists to better manipulate the muscles and address problems.

If receiving prenatal massage don’t:

Apply too much pressure: Massage Envy prenatal therapists are specially trained and certified in this modality and most often use gentle to medium touch while avoiding sensitive pressure points.

Stop prenatal massage during your third trimester: If experiencing a healthy pregnancy it is advised to receive regular massage at least once a month throughout the final trimester. This will help increase circulation and flexibility which can ease labor pain and improve the birthing process.

Forget the importance of homecare: In between massage appointments keep feet elevated and regularly rubbed to help relieve edema, swelling due to excess fluid, and strain. Because feet may be difficult to reach try placing a tennis ball on the floor and with slight pressure roll along the bottom of each foot.

Pregnant?  How did you tell your significant other? Massage Envy wants to know!  Read the benefits of prenatal massage and then enter the contest.  As part of the prenatal awareness campaign, they are launching an online contest giving one lucky expecting or new mom a free three-month membership to Massage Envy!!

The Contest:

*Surprise! - How I told my partner I was expecting

*Simply share your story in 140-characters or less for a chance to win a free three-month massage membership to Massage Envy.  Participants tweet to @massageenvydc or email to enter. More information and contest rules will be available at Massage Envy on Facebook .

Deadline: Sunday, May 16, 2010 11:59 p.m. ET

For Contest Rules: Check out Massage Envy on Facebook. Gift card for three-month membership may only be redeemed within the Washington, DC area (15 area locations)

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Candi said...

I can't participate in this contest (V, you know why)... but I've always heard about the amazing benefits of prenatal massage. My massage therapist is trained in it and it's one of her favorite things to do.

Show Me Mama said...

I wish i was pregnant it would have been a real good gift. But not for very long , i hope :) I am your new follower as well :)

A Shorter Mama said...

I was so excited I took the test and just shoved the pee stick in Hubby's face. He had no idea what he was looking at because it was so close to his face. When he finally got it, we both hugged and cried:)

A Shorter Mama said...

I took the test at work, knowing it would be negative but it wasn't! I called him at work and told him over the phone. This is number 3 for us, so I didn't do it in a cute way like with our first.

Hope I win! I could sure use it, I am 7 months and oh so achy!