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April 5, 2010

Sothy's Cellu-Guard Self Tanner

Every year I go through quite a few bottles of self-tanner.  I'm a pale girl by nature and I am loathe to obtain any more sun damage than I did as a child.  Every year I test new brands and try to find just the prefect self-tanner.  It is as if I am the Goldilocks of sunless tanners.

Sothys, a skincare company established in 1946, has created their Cellu-Guard Sunless Tanner that helps to bring out the natural warm, glowy tones in your skin.  Cellu-Guard also firms and improves the tone of your skin as well.  It's light faintly floral scent is a nice break from all the powdery ones I have encountered with other sunless tanners.  In just a few hours after my first application I found that I already had a natural looking tan.  Sure, I basically matched my husband's natural winter paleness but for me that was a start in a warmer, tanner version of me.  A day later I applied more of Sothys sunless tanner to my face and body and the color continued to deepen and build.  By day three I looked like I had spent some time at the beach without the aging, freckles, sunburn and dry skin. 

Sothys Face and Body Self-Tanning Cream ($38, 5 fl oz.) is a non-tinted cream formula that gives a long-lasting tan.  Its scent doesn't turn sour later in the day and I have actually been told how natural it looks and how nice I smell after using it.  It has a slightly velvety texture because it has moisturizing ingredients included to give a supple look and radiant complexion. It is lightweight and glides smoothly over the skin, ensuring a streak-free application every time. Even on my knees, elbows and feet there were no streaks.

Sothys also created a Soins Soleil Cellu-guard Age-defying tinted care ($44, 1.7 fl oz.) A lotion formulated to protect the skin from aging and to help retain suppleness. It has a tinted texture and gives a nice sunless tan as well.  It works great for your face and isn't drying. 

After trying a few new store brands (Wegmans Top Care) this year and a department store brand, Sothys comes out on top because it has a more natural color, less odor and you don't need a lot to create a nice, warm glow.  Each tube lasts longer than you would think.  I have even used it mixed with my daily lotion for added moisture and less color.  To find Sothys near you visit here.

MPR Rating: Four Stars.

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this post.  Products were given for review purposes only. Opinions are my own.