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March 17, 2010

Fun Find- Debra Macki for the Yellow Umbrella

You want to be beautiful inside and out, right?  You want to help prevent diseases like cervical cancer and spread awareness too, right?  Well look no further than this gorgeous eye palette ($36) by Debra Macki (a self-taught, now famous make-up artist).  Created to help raise awareness for survivor Christine Baze's organization The Yellow Umbrella, this three shade compact (nude shimmer, plum and blue/purples) is bold, fun, and actually quite practical. 

When I first received it all I could think was, "Ooh. It's so bright. I'll never be able to pull off purple, blue and that beige shade. They are just so vibrant."  Pretty, but maybe too much, I thought. Then I applied them to my eyelids and was amazed.  The highly pigmented colors all have a touch of sparkle to them that simply enhances your eyes instead of tricking them out.  Each color blends well so you can go as bold, deep or light as you want.  I love them!  I now never go anywhere without them.  I feel brighter and more stylish each time I wear them too.  Who knew that the deep denim-like blue would be my favorite too?  I sure didn't.

Each palette you purchase goes into helping prevent cervical cancer.  Each shade represents the three steps that help save your cervix. 
1.  HPV test 30+
2. Pap test by 21
3. HPV vaccine 9-26

500,000 women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer this year and 300,000 will die from it. It's preventable if you follow those steps.  Help save a life- be it yours or someone else's.  Raise awareness and support The Yellow Umbrella with your Debra Macki eye palette purchase  (80% of your payment goes towards the cause!) today.

MPR Rating:  Four Stars.

Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this post.  Opinions are mine alone. 


LadyAsh said...

That is so cool. I will now have to look into this makeup as it is great colors, cool packaging and as a added uniqueness I have HPV and I'm under the radar ever time I go in for my pap to make sure I don't have Cervial Cancer.