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March 22, 2010

Book Review Time! Lil' Eddie Learns to Read & I'm a Tree

From Synergy Books comes "Lil' Eddie Learns to Read", Rima H. Corral.  In this book a little boy named Eddie receives a book for his third birthday.  It inspires him to learn to read.  His journey into the world of reading begins simply and soon his whole family has joined in to help him explore this whole new world.  By using books, games and a neighborhood reading club he finds his way. Corral includes a handy “Help for Parents” section scattered throughout the pages of the book as well. By the end of the book Eddie has entered kindergarten armed with his new skill.  Corral hopes that many other parents and children will heed this books message and start their kids on the reading path before kindergarten as well. 

Simply illustrated and sometimes a bit long-winded this book kept my four year-old's interests. She counted with Eddie, described the pictures in the book and tried to grasp the reading concept along with him.  The tips for parents are useful and serve as a good resource for parents too. 

MPR Rating: Three Stars.

Bridgeway Books presents “I’m Up in a Tree”, a lyrical rhyming book by Mark Alden Johnson’s. This book is about a boy who climbs a tree for fun, gets scared and realizes he must climb down.  Only he doesn't know how and is now afraid.  He decides to wait for his Dad but as he waits some neighborhood animals decide to try and help him out. They advise him on how best they would get out of the tree.  For example, the birds tell him to fly out of the tree, the bees suggest he jump and a cat proposes he climb down. Should he trust his instincts or wait for his Dad to come home? The basic premise of  “I’m Up in a Tree” is about teaching kids how to resist peer pressure and go with their gut. 

I liked the message that this book presents and it was a fun read for my kids as well.  It's illustrated nicely and it does not drag.  My daughter was pleased that at the end the little boy goes with his initial instincts and decides to wait for his Dad who isn't mad at all and helps him out of the tree.  That is what she would have done after all, she stated.

MPR Rating:  Four Stars. 

Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this post.  Opinions are my own. 

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