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January 22, 2010

Fun Find- nuNAAT Chocolate Hair Care

Love chocolate but hate the calories and fat associated with mass consumption? Fear not! nuNAAT's special Chocolate hair care line can help you indulge without putting on the extra pounds. Ranging in price from $6.49-26.10 for a whole kit the nuNAAT shampoos, conditioners and masks are great for chemically treated hair. Using Brazil Nuts and Cocoa Butter nuNAAT works great on as an anti-frizz treatment too.

I tried the Creamy Chocolate shampoo, Chocolate Shake conditioner, anti-frizz therma active treatment and the Chocolate mask to see if they really did make my highlighted hair less frizzy and more silky smooth. Each time I poured the treatments into my hair I was always surprised to see their rich, chocolate brown coloring. They lathered and rinsed well leaving my bathroom smelling of a cocoa butter. My hair did have less frizz and after a few days of use it was softer while still maintaining its body.

nuNAAT products go beyond chocolate so check out the whole family here.