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January 11, 2010

FamilyTimeFun Dinner Games

Five years ago, John Pandiscio, founder of FamilyTimeFun and his wife discovered that the simple question, "What's the best and worst part of your day?" could start rounds of dinner time fun. Even better was that by the time they had finished playing games and talking the kids had also finished all their food. It gave John the idea to create Dinner Games. I count us lucky and blessed to have been given this game. It has been a dinnertime sanity-saver ever since we obtained it.

FamilyTimeFun has four different games for varying ages-

-Beginner Dinner Games -- 51 wholesome dinner games for young kids ages 3-6.

-Original Dinner Games -- 51 educational games for kids ages 6-12.

-Gather 'Round Dinner Game -- 132 engaging dinnertime activities with push-button action for ages 5 and up.

-Gather 'Round Restaurant Game -- A great travel game with 96 games to play at restaurants and 36 games for car rides. Ages five +.

Naturally, Beginner Dinner Games ($15.95) was the best fit for us. The small metal box that holds the cards is practical and easy to store. It is also light so it will not take up space or add much weight if you want to bring it with you to a restaurant or on a trip. The first night we played this card game, we had success. Not only did we have fun as a family, but also our three-year-old ate all her dinner without huffing, puffing or tears. The next day and every day after that she continued to request the Dinner Game. While we don't play it every night it has certainly been a blessing and loads of fun. The games are educational, inspiring and they create simple mealtime conversation that would not always occur with the preschool set. It is a chance for us to be silly as a family and show our children that dinnertime is a fun, relaxing, enjoyable time and not a form of torture. In fact, I love this product so much that while writing this review I purchased a set for another family with small children.

Play sample games here.  Dinner Games can be purchased online via the company's website or at stores near you. 

MPR Rating:  Five Stars.
Disclaimer: MPR was not paid for this posting. Products were received and kept for testing purposes. The opinions in this review are solely my own.