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October 12, 2009

Marcal Paper Products

Here is what I love- when you find products and services that cost less, perform better and help the planet. Marcal Small Steps is one such line. Made from 100% recycled paper products, Marcal Small Steps doesn't cost more than everyday non-recycled brands and they have been recycling for over 50 years. Our household was lucky enough to test out a large variety from the Small Steps line including toilet paper, tissues, paper towels and napkins.
The Small Steps bath tissue is gentle, durable and chlorine free. It is also septic tank safe. While it doesn't look as thick as some of those cushy double-ply brands it works just as well and doesn't drop all that lint that other brands do. The same goes for the facial tissue you use to wipe your nose. It is soft, absorbent and doesn't rip up your skin like some of the other 'green' tissues we have tried and tossed in our home.
Napkins by Small Steps were one of my favorite finds in this brand. Not only do the compete and work just as well as any other paper napkin but the bag they come in can be resealed. I didn't have to worry about the bag tipping over and spilling napkins all over my pantry like other paper napkins packages. It is such a great idea and I wish more companies employed this type of packaging. It was also a bit of a luxury to use disposable paper napkins as we typically have cloth ones that I wash each week. Not having that extra load of laundry to do was nice.
One of the best things about the Marcal Small Steps paper towels is that they look just like regular paper towels so I don't have to hear my husband "assume" that they won't work because they are say, brown versus white in color. They also come in multi-packs unlike a lot of other green paper towel lines. When I made the switch I could not tell the difference. At all. I could still wet them, use them to clean the counters, kids, high chair and more. They didn't rip when I used them on the floor or to clean my bathroom. I love these paper towels and have continued to use them since then.
Marcal Small Steps line is competitively priced and is the same quality as its competitors if not better. It works as well as store brands and name brands too. In the most recent months it has also begun to be offered at more grocery stores and big box chains as well as online.
Remember that if each American household were to buy just one package of Small Steps™ bath tissue, together we would save one million trees.
MPR Rating: Five Stars.


Anonymous said...

Marcal is one of the biggest air and water polluters in NJ. Which says a lot. The EPA sued them for over $9.0 billion dollars. To say they are eco friendly is a joke. And a disgrace.