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October 8, 2009

Candlewick Press Scares Up Some Fun

There is nothing like fall in Virginia to me. That's saying something too, considering the fact that I am a born and raised New Englander. When Candlewick Press sent my family a trio of new Halloween children's books I could hardly wait to crack them open.

'Where's My Mummy' ($7.99) by Carolyn Crimi is a sweet, non-scary book that will delight your tiny ghost or goblin this season. My daughter is typically afraid of many things. Be it, Ursula the Sea Witch or a particularly hairy spider she hides under the covers and squeals. I thought this book would illicit some of the same results but I was wrong. She loves this book and it's creepy but cute illustrations. She wants it read to her over and over again each story time. Geared for ages 4-7 the story of Little Baby Mummy is friendly, gentle and beautifully illustrated by John Manders.

'And Then Comes Halloween' by Tom Brenner and illustrated by Holly Meade is another book for children ages four to seven. Filled with 32-pages of bright autumnal drawings it is a beautiful, glossy tribute to fall and Halloween. Kids will love the lyrical journey it takes them on as the children in the book get ready for a night of trick or treating. This book ($16.99) is all about the anticipation and excitement leading up to the big night and one that is familiar in our house and probably yours as well.

'Trick or Treat?' by Melanie Walsh ($6.99) makes is a great way to introduce Halloween and all its sweet elements to the preschool set. This novelty board book is page after page of peek-a-boo flaps that are only slightly scary. It's all about where the bat is, what the spider is doing and what is rattling in that closet. Both my girls love looking this book over and seeing what surprises are behind each flap. It makes a great gift for the little pumpkin in your life.

MPR Rating: Five Stars.