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September 1, 2009

Natural Advantage Skin Care System

Created by actress Jane Seymour Natural Advantage is a quick, easy-to-use skin care system that helps to reduce signs of aging, improve skin roughness and tone. The 'system' consists of three main products- Daily Cleansing Gel, All Day Moisture and the Nighttime Renewal Complex. I tried the Natural Advantage system over the last few weeks along with some of the additional products in the line.

The Daily Cleansing Gel ($27.95, 4 oz) is a soft, gentle cleanser that reminded me of another televised acne line. It smelled almost identical but wasn't as harsh. It left my face feeling clean but never stripped. I love to use it after the gym as it removes dirt and oil well and sweat! It is ideal for all skin types too.

I only use day moisturizers that have SPF 15 or higher in them. It is one of the prerequisites for me that I will not skip. The Natural Advantage daily moisturizer ($23.95, 1.7 oz) contains SPF 15 with AHAs as well. It not only protects my face from the suns harmful rays but also revitalizes it by exfoliating it. Every time I apply it I feel a slight tingle as the AHAs do their job. My skin feels soft and never oily.

One of the things I look for in a nighttime face lotion is Retinol. The nighttime lotion ($39.95, 1.7 oz) from Natural Advantage has that too. Created from pure Vitamin A (Rentinol) and Vitamin E and using the line's own patented technology called, MICROSPONGE, it softens skin, reduces lines and wrinkles.

In addition to the basic line being for all skin types there a quite a few add-on products that you can purchase to personalize the system and have it really refine your skin. A Pore Refining Toner for oily, combination skin and a Rejuvenating Scrub works for all skin types. There's a hydrating eye cream that I wish had an SPF in it as well. I would be more likely to use it then. For dry, sensitive skin there is the Ultimate Hydration Night Cream filled with plant extracts and Shea butter.

Natural Advantage has a 60-day money back guarantee and will leave your skin refreshed and refined. My face is noticeably smoother especially after using the Rapid Start Anti-Aging Peel. Each system lasts for 90 days or longer and can be ordered online here.
MPR Rating: Three Stars.


Admin said...

I tried and it worked 80% of my satisfaction.

Really skin is a complex part in our body. Learn how to keep it always healthy.

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brust said...

My mother use this Natural advantage skin care. Her skin is too delicate yet at 39 year. This product it really effective, she feels that.
Thanks for sharing such nice information here.