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August 18, 2009

Whistlefritz- Spanish Immersion DVD for Kids

Geared for children ages 2-7, Whistlefritz ($19.99) is a language immersion DVD that will enchant your children as it teaches them Spanish. Your child will love teacher Maria and the Whistlefritz kids as they search for the mischievous scamp of a mouse Fritzi. Through the use of live action, animation, puppets, and music children can explore their world, which includes the inside of a house and outdoors on the playground.

Whistlefritz takes everyday objects and teaches children the words in Spanish in a fun and concise manner. The character Fritzi is loads of fun and one that my daughter gravitated towards immediately. After viewing this DVD once she wanted to watch it again right away. This went on for a few weeks and it continues to be a DVD of choice. Each time she watches it she picks up a few more Spanish words. To be honest, my husband liked Whistlefritz better than I did. I found it a bit advanced for my three year-old and while she retained some of the information and enjoyed watching it I think more than thirty minutes a day is needed to be considered an immersion program for any language.

The Whistlefritz DVD does have a handy translation guide for parents and first time Spanish speakers which lists all the words in order of appearance on the DVD. It can be purchased at the Whistlefritz website.

MPR Rating: Three Stars.