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July 13, 2009

Graco's sweetpeace swing

When I first laid on eyes on Graco's sweetpeace Newborn Soothing swing ($189.99) I wasn't even thinking about babies. I was simply looking at a new product on the market. When I found out I was pregnant a few months later Graco sent me one to sample. Months have gone by, the swing has gotten a lot of good use and started quite a few conversations too. Now it is time for the sweetpeace to retire, my baby is just too big and mobile to use it anymore. I admit I am a bit sad to see it go. It has been one of the best baby products I have had the pleasure of using.

In our house the sweetpeace became a conversation starter before the baby even arrived. It was all set up and ready to go a few weeks prior to her birth and everyone who came into our house gravitated towards this swing. They poked and prodded it, walked around it and often I wanted to ask, "Do you want to kick the tires?"

Honestly, the sweetpeace is the mother of all baby swings. It has womb and heart thumping sounds, a variety of lullabies and jigs, as well as an MP3 player jack. There are multiple swing speeds (side to side swing action only) and the seat has two vibrating speeds. Included is a detachable bar that has an adjustable mirror and teething ring for the baby to play with as well as a bear that can hang down or detach for playtime too. There is also an adjustable canopy which defuses light and mimics the light of the womb towards the end of a woman's pregnancy. My baby found this incredibly soothing. Her older sister slowly drove us all mad with her constant desire to turn on the sweetpeace lullabies at full volume and dance around the room though.

The sweetpeace has six speeds and cradles a newborn with it's three different seat positions. I loved that the seat was also detachable and I could strap her into it and place her on the floor in another room if I needed too. You can also place many types of car seats into the base if you need too. The removable headrest and swaddle blanket were godsends when we first began using it. She was tucked into the swing so nice and snug she felt like she was safe and sound.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful the Graco sweetpeace truly is as a swing and comforting tool for newborns on up. It even provides entertainment for toddlers and in a pinch you can plug in your ipod and use it for your own mood or party music!

The sweetpeace is available online or in stores at Amazon, Walmart and Target.
MPR Rating: Five Stars.


Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

Yep, we're digging it here too. But uhm, hellooo Graco...I had to pay for mine! Humph. Anywhoo....

Our Fisher Price swing, that happily rocked three babies....dies on us with no warning. It was the only place Savannah would sleep for more than 30 minutes...I toughed it out a few days and finally made Wayne go swing shopping. After reading so many good reviews, we got the Sweetpeace. Naturally, she's way too big for the swaddling blanket...and the head support is smaller than her head. But she does okay in it. She doesn't sleep as long in it as she did the Fisher Price though. Kind of wishing we had just gotten one of those....