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June 4, 2009

Fun, Frugal Father's Day Tips

My husband has asked for a grill for Father's Day. Not the most frugal of gifts however our $99 Walmart grill has lasted us eight years and I think we got our money's worth. It's survived four moves too. It's the little grill that could. In addition to that less than frugal of purchase my original plan was to do this for Father's Day.

1. Let Dad sleep in. We trade off most weekends but he'll get some extra sleep time that weekend. Sleep is free!

2. Make Dad his favorite dinner and/or breakfast and/or dessert. This is something the kids can get in on too and it's a real treat and economical too. As long as Dad's fave food isn't beef wellington or shark fin soup.

3. The kids will make the card. It's fun for them, keeps them busy and makes them proud. It also saves me about $6.

We also might take advantage of our community's free pool access or take a walk on some of the trails near our home. All of it is fun, free and allows us some good quality family time. Letting Dad nap without being bothered or watch a ball game is always a good bet too.

If that isn't for you then check out Family Fun. It's creative and affordable. There are recipes, gift ideas and lots of activities that will keep you in your budget. I love the Tidy Trunk Tote idea and just might use it myself. My husband hauls tons of bit and pieces around in his car and there needs to be some organization!

Join in with your own tips and I'll post them!


Kristen said...

Do What Dad Wants To Do Day. At our house, that usually means doing horrible yard work like carting cement bags from one side of the yard to the other. But it is his day. LOL

katie said...

Hi everybody,

I have now finally got Dads Fathers Day gift idea all sorted out. I chose a lovely print of a sunset over a beach, with the waves crashing down over the sand. I also had it framed so I hope he really likes it. I had the card idea all ready ages ago. Which I am pleased about as it is one less thing to worry about. I wanted to send Dad something new and exciting, and something that would really surprise him. I came across a cool free Fathers Day eCard site which I quite like, there are lots of cards which I know my Dad will like. Whenever I go onto this site I always find new cards which I like, so it maybe worth giving it a try.