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June 19, 2009

Cover Girl Make-up

I admit it, I am a make-up snob. I like my department store brands for many of my beauty needs. I've tried and tested so much make-up in my short lifetime that it could probably fill a dump truck. I am not kidding. I buy what works for me and I don't like to deviate. I was reluctant to test the three products Cover Girl sent me too. The Simply Ageless Foundation, Outlast Lipstain and Lashblast Luxe Mascara are new in the Cover Girl arsenal so I thought I would give them a whirl and my honest opinion.
The Simply Ageless Foundation comes in fifteen different shades and has SPF22 in it. The Olay Regenerist Serum included in it (the white swirl) blends well and it is supposed to suspend over fine lines and wrinkles instead of gathering in them and making your skin look older. It is also clinically shown to provide significant improvement in skin condition in just four weeks. I have to say that in four weeks I did not notice a difference there. I did however love the smooth texture of this foundation. The sponge applicator works so well that the foundation blends evenly and glides across your skin. It is a light foundation but it evened out my skin tone. I found I used less concealer when I used this product. That is a huge plus! It is compact enough to fit in a purse and easy to take with you for touch ups during the day. However, I completely agree with another online reviewer who hated the packaging. It is confusing and tough to open each time. In transit the foundation melted and stuck to the wrong side of the compact too. I would rather both ends be flip tops and not a flip top for the applicator section and have to unscrew the foundation section. The Simply Ageless foundation is very affordable though and widely available at many drugstores, discount stores and online. Combined with its wide array of colors, nice coverage and price- it's a good buy.

MPR Rating: Four Stars. (Would have been five if the packaging was better.)

Cover Girl's Outlast Lipstain (tested Everbloom Kiss) is a water-based colorant that is supposed to give your lips a beautiful, lightweight bloom of color. One that won't come off, will last for hours and not look or feel heavy. It's essentially a pen applicator for optimum precision. You can simply draw on your lip color.

First off, the color was all wrong for me. It is a hot pink color that just screamed at me and the people I conversed with during a lunch date. They commented that they couldn't look at anything else but my bright pink lips. When the lunch was over I noticed that the color had faded a bit but the essence of the bright pink did stay for hours. Just not nearly as strong. It also felt drying. I have to say, putting on the Lipstain was akin to using a marker on my lips. It's precise but that is about all I liked about it. It has gotten some very mixed reviews on the Cover Girl website as well and I have to agree. I wouldn't buy it myself.

MPR Rating: Two Stars. (Good idea in theory. Just doesn't work well in real life.)

LashBlast Luxe Mascara (Black) is the one you see Drew Barrymore shilling these days. Mascara is tough for me. I wear contacts and I'm an eye rubber. I try a new mascara about every three months. I'm always looking for one that won't smudge, bother my eyes or clump up on my lashes. LashBlast Luxe Mascara has converted me. The black formula is tinted with luxe shimmers. The brush is larger than your average mascara wand which helps "blast" your lashes to their "biggest, boldest, and most beautifully shimmering" selves. LashBlast Luxe comes in four shades and it goes on evenly. On the first use I noticed it didn't clump and it lengthened better than most mascaras be they drugstore or department store variety. I don't see the shimmer in it but I do love using it. At the end of the day I don't have dark mascara-induced circles under my eyes either.

MPR Rating: Four Stars (No shimmer to be seen but it works beautifully.)

Cover Girl products are available online at the Cover Girl website and your local food, drug and discount stores.


Tiffany @ Lattes And Life said...

I got to try that Outlast Lipstain myself, and hated it. You're exactly right, that it feels like using a big old marker on your lips. And soooo drying. Yuck.