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May 11, 2009

PINK! from Rocknoceros

From the high-energy, original band Rocknoceros (pronounced like rhinoceros) comes their newest CD - PINK! ($15.00)Rocknoceros comprised of the trio Boogie Woogie Bennie, Coach Cotton and Williebob hail from the DC burbs of Northern Virginia, just like me! PINK!, the new CD and title track is all about the rosy-hued color and is a fun mix of old-school pop styles and Beatles type songs geared for kids ages 2-9.

Rocknoceros is a favorite among the kid set here in Northern Virginia and they frequently play live at some pretty notable venues like Wolf Trap, the Smithsonian Institution and more. I played the PINK! CD for my kids in the car one day and found the pop and sometimes alternative rock sound to be cute and inviting. Kids can listen to songs like, "Can You Tell Time?" or "Gonna Cut My Hair" and have an educational, involved and fun experience. It's not just silly kid music. You can watch a video and have your kids dance along here.
Check out Rocknoceros schedule and podcasts too because they will be touring all over the East Coast this summer and may be coming to a fun venue near you!