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April 27, 2009

eShave- Almond After Shave Cream

Rounding out eShave's Almond Collection is their brand new Almond After Shave Cream ($22, 4 oz). For normal to dry skin and containing Shea Butter, essential almond oil, and the healing properties of Vitamins A & E your skin will feel smooth and "addicted" after just one use.
So really how does eShave's Almond After Shave Cream work? Beautifully. I loved it! While I don't normally love the almond oil scent I do on this decidedly fresh cream. On first inspection and repeated use the cream does not really seem like a cream. It is more like a cream with a shot of jello. It is the only way I can think to describe the consistency of this after shave cream. It goes on light and smooth. Your skin just drinks it up. The almond scent isn't cloying or heavy either. After one use I wanted to use it again and again. My legs felt smooth, soft and post-shave itch free. It is actually safe and gentle enough to use daily on your face after a shave as well. This whipped formula after shave cream is wonderful on the skin and I really love the natural ingredients too.
eShave's Almond After Shave Cream is not just a post-shave must have but it makes a perfectly luxurious treat for any man or woman. Visit all of eShave's products here.
MPR Rating: Four Stars.