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February 6, 2009

Yummie Tummie Shapewear

Coming in 13 styles (regular and long) and 10 colors Yummie Tummie shapewear is a great way to look slim and trim. It shapes and smooths your curves and can be worn day or night.
I tested the Strappy Regular tank ($72) out for the first time on New Year's Eve. Being six week post-partum I definitely had some extra tummy to conceal and this tank fit nicely under my sweater hiding that extra post-baby bulge. I looked ready for a night out! I have worn it a few times since then and even as I continue to lose the baby weight the Yummie Tummie holds my stomach in without feeling too tight or uncomfortable. It's a very soft, smooth fabric and it hugs my hips a bit as well. It works well for everyday wear and special occasions. It has made it a whole lot easier to fit into some of my smaller shirts too.
I have heard that binding works really well for women after having a baby and I think the Yummie Tummie would help get your stomach back to it's pre-pregnant days in this way as well. Even if you haven't had a child but are carrying a bit of extra holiday weight the Yummie Tummie has a shapewear option for you. "No matter how young, fit and slender you are, a so-called “muffin top” or tummie bulge will rear its ugly head." Isn't that the never talked about truth?!
To learn more about the Yummie Tummie and this woman-owned company visit the website here. Seen on Oprah, Entertainment Tonight and more the Yummie Tummie can be purchased online in all its beautiful styles and colors (leopard included!) or at these locations.