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December 19, 2008

Nintendo Wii's- Build a Bear Workshop Game

Rated E for everyone, Build a Bear Workshop: A Friend Fur All Seasons (ages 3+) is the latest in Wii games from Nintendo. The game, which everyone in the whole family can play, has two game modes- island adventures and playground mode, 20 mini-games like ice skating and snowman building, six secret treasure spots and a whole lot of shopping. Children create their own characters (a puppy, cat, rabbit, turtle and the classic teddy bear) to go on their journeys with them by naming them, dressing them up and giving them a heart and a voice.

My daughter, who is almost three, had no idea about the Build a Bear Workshop. She's never been to a party there or created a furry friend. This game was completely new to her but she does love to play games on the Wii occasionally. When we first loaded 'A Friend Fur All Seasons' into the Wii she got really excited. She created a furry puppy friend named Roxy complete in a pink outfit and all her inner girlishness broke loose. She wanted Roxy to have sunglasses and a back pack too. She couldn't wait to accrue medals to purchase these items from the Build a Bear Workshop. This sort of blew my mind as I was not anticipating the shopping gene to be so strong or so prominent within the game. However, this quickly dissipated and she enjoyed finding the hidden puzzle pieces within the four island adventures and figuring out new ways to work the Wii remote. After a few tries she was a pro and now wants to play this game all the time.

The premise behind the game is to accompany your created friend along with Bearemy and Pawlette to the Palace for a party by sailing on the boat, the Friendship. To get to the palace you have to visit four islands and find hidden games to play. It's not a complicated game by any means and in fact feels quite natural to play and figure out. The graphics are what you would expect out of a Wii Nintendo game. The colorful characters and brightly colored and seasonal islands really appeal to children. I liked how no matter where my child guided the Wii remote there was always something for her to do and play. Her imagination and natural inclinations led her along and the game progresses from there. It makes it easy to play and way more fun.

If your child is a fan of the Build a Bear Workshop ($39.99) or you know a child that is then A Friend Fur All Seasons is an especially great game for them. Even if they are not 'in the know' about Build a Bear they will still love to play this interactive and imaginative video game.

I'm giving away TWO copies of this game to TWO lucky readers! Just head on over here first (and if you want to comment there too- YEAH!) and then comment back here about your favorite post from this past week. Don't forget to leave your email in the comment section so I can get in touch with the winners (chosen at random) on December 26.

Congratulations to ChefDruk and 3BoyzMom for winning the Wii game!


ChefDruck said...

I love your Mummy Chronicles blog. You have a great voice. I really liked the "mommy pooped in her pants at the couch store" - I'm a scatologist at heart, never outgrew that phase, and those jokes still crack me up.

Santa's bringing a wii for christmas and this would be a cute game...

vdruckman at hotmail dot com

Victoria said...

Thank you! That is so wonderful to hear!!

Merry Christmas!

Tiffany said...

I gotta say, I still giggle over your daughter calling you out for pooping your pants in the couch store. Poor V! Maybe you should see your doctor ;-)
give_me_a_latte at yahoo

Three Ring Circus said...

Hi Vicky,

Your Overheards post was pretty amusing, which gives me an idea for your blog- like the last book of your favorite teen vampire novels, you should have H write counterpoint to your posts and see how that goes over.

kwlasc01 at yahoo dot com

Lindley said...

I was smiling about the Yeah, I'm Anal post. I come from a long line of anal-retentive/borderline obsessive compulsive people, so I can relate! And I like my closet to look like a filing cabinet! Thanks.
linjenals at yahoo dot com

3boyzmom said...

I like your post about being "anal"!! I am the same way about certain things!! I can't stand if there is a dish in the sink, even if the whole house was in shambles, let there NOT be a dish in the sink!!!

william said...

I'm not sure what to say about pooping i just wish i could get my two and a half year old to do it in the potty! i was wondering if anyone has a Wii? i have two children and thought this could be a great way to spend time together. especially as it seems to have very family orientated games, i found a site with some Nintendo Wii bundles and they're a resonably priced too, well as cheap as i can find them! would build a bear work with a five year old or is it too babyish?