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November 2, 2008

Get Your Kids to Eat Bugs - Probugs from Lifeway

From Lifeway comes the newest probiotic item, Probugs, to hit your stores shelves. Made from organic whole milk kefir it is loaded with protein and calcium and comes in three flavors your kids will love.

These smoothies make a great snack or breakfast on the go. We tried all three flavors- Orange Creamy Crawler, Sublime Slime Lime and Goo-berry pie. Each flavor contains ten live and active cultures that are extremely healthy for you and your kids. It even helps with calcium absorption.

My daughter thought it was yogurt which she eats almost every day for breakfast. The flavors are very light, not over-powering and are not colored with any dyes or artificial qualities. Even at the age of two she was able to figure out that soft bag-like containers are great to carry around and drink from as well. Perfect for the car! I thought they might be hard to find in my local stores but found them almost everywhere, including Target. I like the fact that it is healthy, easy to take with us and is never turned down when offered.

Lifeway also sells some incredibly yummy tasting probiotic bars that I did not want to share with anyone, especially the Chocolate Crisp flavor. They too are available at most grocery stores and Target.