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October 6, 2008

Zivio Boom- Wireless Headset

From Joby, the Zivio Boom wireless headset ($129.95) is one of the latest items in the bluetooth market. Small, lightweight and deceptively easy to use the Zivio could be your new best friend.

I, for one, have always shunned these little ear pieces. That eerie blue glow radiating off your head, the talking to thin air and so much more just made me think people looked like a bunch of cyborgs running around totally out of touch with their surroundings. Combine that with the fact that gadgets do not usually sway me and I planned on never owning one of these. Until now. Joby was extremely generous at BlogHer and I scored one of these delicate devices and it has been love at first sight.

Not only is this handsfree headset great for driving and conversing but it has incredibly clear sound quality blowing other bluetooth headsets out of the water. I find it very easy (read addictive) to use this while doing things around the house or outside because the extended mouthpiece reduces outside noise. It is also comfortable to wear. The Zivio comes with three scoop style and three additional mushroom style earpieces for the best fit, plus two ear loops and ear loop magnets. You are guaranteed a good, customized fit.

Other points about the Zivio that I loved is that it lasts ten hours and charges very fast. The retractable charger is compact and just an all around clever design. Set up is simple and the website is comprehensive and a breeze to navigate. Any time I have had a question about the workings of my Zivio or any of its pieces I have found the answer on the website in under five minutes.

The Zivio Boom wireless headset is just 13 grams, has over 200 hours of standby time, is comfortable and flexible to wear and use and has over 10 meters of range. It is the first headset of its kind that I have ever considered using and after months of use I still have not grown tired of this fun device.

You can purchase yours here now.