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October 13, 2008

Playtex Diaper Genie II Elite- Advanced Disposal System

With my first child I opted not to go with a Diaper Genie. I went with another diaper disposal system that supposedly would reduce odors and keep the nursery smelling fresh. It did the job too, without the blue bags that the Diaper Genie needs. However, it only did the job for a day or two before the odor situation became dire and the system began to fail.

I now see the error of my ways. I have seen the light and it comes in the form of the new Diaper Genie II Elite, the Advanced Disposal System from Playtex ($25-40). While I initially thought the blue bags to be just another item to spend money on in the baby category, I now realize how effective they are in eliminating odor. Since there is no more twisting of the bags (the reason I resisted the Diaper Genie with the first child) it is easier to use even while holding your child (there is now a foot pedal and the Genie is taller too!) and more hygenic. It's truly hands-free! Set up is simple if you follow the directions (one step only!) and one set of bags holds about five layers or 180 small diapers.

Other assets to this system include:

Double-Lock design seals in odor better than diaper pails that hold only a plastic bag.
AIR TITE, seven-layer film is an excellent odor-barrier technology.

Antimicrobial Protection inhibits odor-causing bacteria.

Internal childproof cutter makes emptying the pail a breeze, simply cut, seal and toss.
Diapers only touch film on bags and not the diaper pail, so there is no messy residue left behind.

See a demonstration of how it all works here.

Overall, I am impressed with this new version of the Diaper Genie. I'll be keeping it around and not going back to my previous diaper pail. For more information about the new Diaper Genie II Elite visit Baby Smells too.