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October 22, 2008

Fun Find-

I realize that not everyone shares the same political views but since my kid has decided she is obsessed with Barack Obama I had to give some attention to this little company.

Obama Foam Fingers sells only one thing, the foam finger shown in the picture, and it's becoming quite a hit and not just in the blue states. Here in our little red state, my child can't stop watching the Obama channel full of paid advertising that runs 24/7. When she hears a commercial on the radio or TV she asks, "Is that Barack Obama?" If you ask her who John McCain is she couldn't pick him out of a line up. And we are a house full of Independents with one person still trying to make their decision. Each candidate has gotten more than their fair share of air/play time in our home. Other kids seem to be into Obama as well.
To order a foam finger for your little Democrat or just politically-minded little person, click here.