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September 8, 2008

Nikkel Holistic Skincare- Microdermx

Nikkel Holistic Skincare has created, dare I say it, one of my favorite and quite possibly all-time best products I've reviewed to date. Yes, seriously. The Microdermx microdermabrasion kit is not only simple to use at home and realistically priced but it really works too.

From the moment I started using this two-step only product I was impressed. Step One: Refinish ($49) is a gritty paste that is rubbed onto your skin in circular motions with just your fingertips for a few minutes. During this time your skin rubs off with the product. It might seem a bit gross but it's not! It's actually quite fascinating and it did not hurt a bit. My face was not red from the scrubbing either. Made from medical grade corundum crystals (or fused aluminum oxide), botanical extracts and natural enzymes step one evens out your skin tone, reduces dark spots, acne scars and fine lines and wrinkles. After rinsing it off I used Step Two: Replenish lotion ($39) which feels fantastic and has no chemical smell to it. Neither product does for that matter. While my skin was a bit sensitive for the rest of the day it was also smoother than I've ever felt before and looked very fresh and alive for the next few days. Even my husband noticed.

I also loved how Nikkel has created a product that is free of mineral oil, emulsifiers and a host of other additives that do nothing for your skin but create more problems. Many skincare products have these items in them but not Nikkel's. Their philosophy is pure and simple like their products and the results are all there right before your eyes.

After using this product only once and seeing immediate results I could not wait to use it again. I have since begun using it once a week and each time I am excited to do so. While I have loved other products in the past this is the only one that has generated this much excitement for me. I simply cannot wait to use it time and time again.

You can buy the set for a limited time for only $75 with a 120-day money back guarantee which is well worth it! Check out the stunning before and after shots here if you want more proof.