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September 12, 2008

McCain Sweet Potato Fries

Always on the lookout to try new foods and finding news ways to get my child to eat more vegetables I was more than happy to accept McCain foods offer of reviewing their crinkle cut Sweet Potato fries.

These easy to heat and eat fries, part of McCain's Harvest Splendor line, are ready in minutes and you can bake or fry them. We bake in our house and found that they do stay tender on the inside while remaining crisp on the outside. The only time they do not do that is when they are particularly big or very thick cut fries. Then they fail to get crispy outside which I found a tad disappointing. McCain makes thin cut straight sweet potato fries and I myself, might like those better. They seem to crisp up more than the crinkle cut variety.

Our whole house is a fan of homemade sweet potato french fries but we had never eaten store bought ones before. We were all eager to try the McCain version out. We found the taste to be about the same as fresh cut fries and they did not have that salty flavor to them that restaurants never fail to give them. I was pleased with that. My daughter seemed a bit thrown by them at first but quickly realized how tasty they are and now eats them as soon as they hit her plate. While I still prefer the fresh cut sweet potato fries, my husband found the McCain ones positively addicting. Like other potato products he could not stop after one, or even one pile, guaranteeing that they will be seeing more plate time in our house in the future.

These sweet potato fries can be found in your grocer's freezer section with all other McCain brand foods. You can browse their amusing website here. It is all about change after all and the blue bag.