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June 16, 2008

SELF and Neutrogena WANT YOU!

To practice safe skin and sun care.

It is the beginning of the summer season. Bathing suit ready or not, we are outdoors more. And just like you should be doing the once a month breast exam you should also be checking yourself regularly for any new or suspicious moles.

It is this very practice that saved me a lot more pain and suffering last summer when I noticed that a mole I had for years had suddenly morphed into not just a different shape but an entirely different color. Oh yeah, and did I mention there was a burning and itching sensation as well? A quick look around the Internet gave me a fright and I went to my local dermatologist at a fast pace. One quick look and he said, "Uh, yeah, we are removing that asap!" They did. They biopsied it and turns out, it was cancerous. More tissue was removed from under and around where the mole had been. It was not a joyful occassion. A few weeks later I had clean margins again. Whew! Cancer averted!

However, that area was a portion of skin that always burned. It was right along the bra line where sunscreen often missed or was sweat away. After many summers and burns despite careful sunscreen applications that mole developed and turned wayward on me. If I had not been vigilant in checking my moles who knows what would have developed.

Neutrogena and Self magazine have paired up with Jennifer Garner this summer to bring you a few handy ways to protect yourself.

Watch this handy video with Jennifer Garner.
Visit Self for ecards and ways to remind friends and family to protect themselves too.
Do a Self Spot-Check and encourage your friends and family to do them too.


Ultra Sheer Dry Touch- It really is that sheer. It goes on super smooth and leaves no greasy residue behind to clog your pores. It is PABA-free and comes in SPF 55, 70 and 85 with Helioplex, the latest in skincare/sun care technology.

Ambi Even & Clear- A nice, light daily moisturizer that evens skin tone and goes on incredibly sheer. It made my skin glow! Contains SPF 30 and works wonderfully.

Aveeno Continuous Protection-Face- contains SPF 30 and lasts all day. Oil-free with photobarrier technology this sunscreen goes on smooth and won't leave you feeling like an oil-slick for the rest of the day.

REMEMBER: Apply sunscreen everyday! Not just when you head out into the sun. It not only protects against sun damage and skin cancer but keeps you young looking too! Check your moles and contact your local dermatologist or GP doctor if something looks suspicious. You can never be too careful. Skin cancer can be deadly.

If not for you, then do it for Mummy...


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