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May 9, 2008

SanDisk Mother's Day Photo Winners!!

Below in no particular order are the winning photos from the SanDisk MPR Mother's Day contest. Winning entries receive an Cruzor Gator 8GB flash drive from SanDisk!

This is my favorite photo of my mother & me. This is because she (and my father) were more than pleased to house 16 twenty-something year olds in our tiny four room cabin for my 21st birthday.... and she even took a jagger shot for our own amusement.

Sarah L. & her Mother & Sister

My mom is hilarious. She can be goofy, is always fun and does a great job of keeping us smiling. Thankfully she didn't lick my nose after the picture was taken.

I love this picture not because its a fabulous picture of mom and I, but because it is a picture of mom and I and it reminds me of everything she has done for me in my life.

This photo was taken about a week before my mom, Rikki, passed away. She looks so healthy and hopeful and happy. And that's the way I like to remember her. She was always a positive person, and if you asked her, I know she'd say she lived her (too-short) life to the fullest.

I love seeing my mom's smile as she holds Maddie's hand. She's very close to my girls, and they adore her, which makes me unbelievably happy.
How great does my mom look at age 66?

Here's my mom and me in Japan town in San Francisco.

My mother NEVER takes picture - I can't remember the last time all three of us took one together. I even have lipstick on - hoot rah!

There you go readers! Winners, I'll be contacting you so you can receive your Cruzor Gators soon! Happy Mother's Day! Thank you to all those who participated

** THIS JUST IN** A clarification - turns out the models we're giving away aren't 8Gb - the black/reds are 4 GB and the pinks are 2 GB. Still pretty big -apologies from SanDisk for the mixup.


Lauren said...

I love all these photos, especially Stephanie's Japantown one. What fun!