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April 2, 2008

Robeez Tredz- the latest in Toddler Togs

"One small step for toddlers. One giant step for little shoes."

This spring the popular infant shoe (soft soles) company decided to launch a new flex sole toddler line, Tredz. Typically known for their soft leather shoes for babies and toddlers that are flexible, lightweight and as close to a barefoot as you can get when wearing shoes, Robeez has made a name for themselves in the children's shoe market. When my daughter grew out of the adorable styles in the infant line I was really dismayed. I wanted her to keep wearing comfortable, high-quality shoes. The introduction of Tredz was just in time.

Tredz ($42) are designed with non-slip, water-resistant TPR soles. They have cushioned insoles and the leather is completely breathable. Which is wonderful because toddlers toes? They can get very sweaty. There are over twenty-two styles of Tredz already so you are sure to find one that appeals to you and your toddler too. Sized by months (12-16, 16-20 and 20-24) and great for outdoors I was really excited about the Tredz.

When the Blossom Mary Jane's arrived in time for spring I could not wait to try them on my daughter. Then I realized that they run very large. Here we are at 25 months and the size 20-24 months is about two sizes too big. My daughter wears a size 6 shoe. These look more like an 8! Still I played around with them and my daughter loves to try them on despite being too big. They have a great a stay-on elastic ankle that hugs your child and adjustable fasteners which make it easy for them to put the Tredz on themselves. The sole is incredibly flexible and the leather is soft and pliable. I was not not let down in any aspect but in the sizing.

Tredz are not only precious, cute and stylish they are safe, secure and comfortable shoes. In a variety of styles for both boys and girls you cannot go wrong with Tredz. Just make sure you know if your child's foot runs small or large before you buy. There is free shipping too for any order over $75.

Robeez are approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.