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April 23, 2008

A lot of lotion flows through my house. A lot. As of right now there are at least six different types sitting atop my bathroom counter all waiting to be used and reviewed. Add in two people with various skin ailments, dry for me and sensitive for my daughter we run the gamut when it comes to moisturizers.

When I first received a bottle of SkinMD Natural I was more impressed with it’s packaging than I was with its Gloves in a Bottle counterpart. While it will not win a prize solely on looks the red cap and bright white bottle did charm me a bit. This lotion is light and goes on easily. It is blends well and absorbs into the skin lightening fast! I was quite pleased. I have had very dry skin lately and I wanted this product to fix it. As a shielding lotion, this lotion should coat and protect my skin so that my skin’s natural oils and moisturizers can stay put and do their collective jobs. I used SkinMD Natural for a week or so and while my skin initially felt soft and supple I still felt dry by the end of the day. I was disappointed. Then I went and read this review. The user states that it took three weeks to really see a difference. While this is an extreme case of dry skin and eczema I decided to give SkinMD Natural another try.

I used the lotion exclusively after that and reapplied it twice a day. Another week went by and this time I did notice that the dry cracked appearance on my legs was gone. The ashy texture of my elbows had disappeared. This non-greasy formula of lotion was working! I like the light non-perfumed scent and how smooth this lotion is when applied. A little goes a long way. However, I would have liked it even more if it were fast-acting.