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March 5, 2008

No!No! Do I need to say more?

It is Sleek! It is Portable! It is the revolutionary new way to remove unwanted hair! Straight from Sephora I bring you the no!no! This new hair removal system utilizes Thermicon technology meaning the tiny hand-held device uses gentle heat waves to destroy hair with little to no pain. Really. You might feel a tiny twinge but that is all.

The Hot Blades come in two sizes- one for longer hair (1 mm or more) and one for stubble (less than 1mm). They are not actually blades but thermodynamic wire. A heat signal transfers through the wire to the hair shaft removing it from your skin. A buffing pad can then be used to remove any hair that is still attached to the skin afterwards. The buffer works well. I used it after each no!no! test and found it helped immensely. Each no!no! kit contains a manual, three short blades, two long blades, a storage bag, small brush to clean the no!no! device, a charger, and one buffer.

This new concept in hair removal is effective for some but it takes time. I have used mine repeatedly in the last few months on various stages of hair growth and while it did not hurt, I did not receive a close shave. I always felt like I still had lots of stubble. I watched the DVD, the little on light was always on, my bathroom smelled of burnt hair and still I had stubble. The $250 price tag is hefty for a device that takes a long time to use and see with results with too. The no!no! claims that, “Over time, you'll notice decreased hair density, a lot less stubble and a lot more time spent not shaving. Like any professional hair treatment, it takes time and dedication to achieve your desired results.”

I would love to believe this to be true. How many women do you know have the time to devote to something like this system? I know that I do not. It took me 45 minutes to shave and I still was not satisfied. I ended up back in the shower using a razor. This device proved to be a big disappointment. It wins a point for effort, sleek styling and overall cuteness but practicality brings it way down. That is me. I am a practical gal. I don't see the point in using a product that is this involved with less than stellar results. In reading reviews on the Amazon website, it seems that this hair remover works best on coarse hair. I am fair and my hair is fine. The consensus for people with my type of hair is that it is very hard to remove our hair with the no!no!.

The final verdict is that I would not waste my time and money on this device. Read other reviews here if you want more information. It takes too much time and money to produce mediocre results. I found the whole thing extremely disappointing.