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March 28, 2008

Hip Hop Harry- Move Those Feet

He sings! He dances! He raps! It's Emmy-nominated Hip Hop Harry in his latest DVD, 'Move Those Feet'. This 75-minute DVD contains three episodes of singing and dancing that is sure to get your child moving.

Recommended for ages three and up Harry is a lovable rapping teddy bear. I have to admit I had my apprehensions on this whole DVD series. I had seen bits and pieces of Hip Hop Harry's show and had not been impressed. What I did love about this DVD is that it teaches about friendly competition, the importance of movement to stay healthy and the need for water to refuel your body after exercise. That right there is sort of rare. If a cuddly teddy bear tells my child to drink water she is way more likely to want water than when I just pour it in a cup. Shameful, I know but it's true.

'Move Those Feet' ($14.98) is not just a great way to get your child moving but it appeals to children of many ages. For more information visit Allumination Filmworks.


Dawn said...

I can't stand HHH! I think my girls watch it to see me squirm. LOL