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March 24, 2008

Forgive Me by Amanda Eyre Ward

From ‘How to be Lost’ by Amanda Eyre Ward comes her newest book ‘Forgive Me’, the tale of two stories that join into one unforgettable tale. This is the story of Nadine Morgan, a journalist, with a penchant for action and blood. She goes from one dangerous situation to the next, country hopping and always in search of the next big article. It is in Cape Town, South Africa where Nadine uncovers a story she cannot forget. This is a story that will bring her back a decade later to find answers and learn who she really is.

This is not a typical book for me to read. At first it was the sheer fact that the book was short (234 pages) that made me pick it up. I was in the mood for an engrossing read and I found it in ‘Forgive Me’. In the beginning, I was a put off at how each sentence started with the main characters name. It felt a little elementary to me. As I progressed, the story of Nadine caught hold of me and I yearned for more. This book quickly became one that I could not put down. Intertwined with Nadine’s quest for answers in Cape Town is the story of a young boy yearning to break free from the confines of his small town. In these parts, we read his journal and learn that he wants off the island of Nantucket. He dreams big and dreams of stardom. While often times having two characters narrative go back and forth does not always flow well it does in ‘Forgive Me’.

Ward’s book is all about loss and forgiveness and it asks questions of its characters that are often hard to answer. Her characters are nicely rounded and the pace keeps you interested for the duration of the book. There are plot twists, especially the ending, and themes of motherhood, apartheid and globalization throughout the novel. This book will really make you ponder moral issues and question yourself as you read it. It is a very moving book. This complex story will force you to ask deep questions about redemption and forgiveness. It will surprise and touch you from the beginning to the end.


pamela said...

Just starting this book