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February 20, 2008

Pingu on Thin Ice

The cute, mischievous penguin, Pingu is at it again in Pingu on Thin Ice. This 59 minute DVD ($14.98) contains many silly situations and antics for Pingu, his friends and family. I have heard from other reviews that this Pingu DVD is not as well received as the last few. Apparently, Pingu has gone Hollywood, the scenes move faster, and this little penguin has contracted a case of the “tudes”. Seeing as this is my first foray into the South Pole with Pingu (go ahead, say it three times fast) I do not know if this is true. What I do know is that despite the high-pitched gibberish that Pingu and the other characters speak, my daughter loves him. She finds him ridiculously funny and can watch almost the entire DVD straight through.

Pingu is a bit slap sticky and he gets himself into scrapes and tricks that most kids will find amusing. Whenever I put this DVD on my daughter shrieks with laughter as if she is relating to Pingu and has seen it all before. To my knowledge, the kid has never been to the South Pole but you just never know. The clay-mation is well done and this is a great addition to any preschoolers DVD collection. It is safe for them to watch without any objectionable language (Sorry Sesame Street but using the word Stupidhead is not a good move in my book). In fact, I found myself enjoying Pingu too. I explained the scenarios to my daughter, what the different emotions were that Pingu and the other characters were going through, and she and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Pingu teaches great lessons about helping out around the house and being nice to others. The stories are short and there are a lot of them, which is key in keeping my child’s attention. I also liked how the father penguin knits. Pingu comes home with an unraveled scarf. The father penguin quickly fixes the scarf.

Pingu is adorable and fun. It provides a nice break from the typical DVD fare that my daughter likes to watch and she has a blast while watching it. In fact, she rarely sits while watching Pingu but instead jumps around as if she is playing with him and that is my idea of a good DVD. Amazon has it for $12.99, click here to purchase.