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February 11, 2008

In with the Good, Out with the Bad

Winter, for our hands it truly is the hour of our discontent. They become dry, chapped and cracked. If you are like me, your fingertips stick to your clothing and suddenly your hands look about a decade older. It is frustrating and fixable.
Gloves in a Bottle, is a shielding lotion that works to keep the good in your skin (natural oils and moisture) in and the bad out. What is the bad? All sorts of daily rituals like your washing your hands with hot water and soap, dirt, shuffling those office papers and the weather suck the moisture right out of our skin. As a shielding lotion, Gloves in a Bottle helps to lock in your skin’s natural oils and moisture by bonding with your skin to form a protective layer, working just like a glove.

I received one bottle (8 oz $12.95) which is about 120 applications for my hands. I was eager to try it out as winter had just begun and already my hands were drinking in lotion like no tomorrow. The first thing I noticed about Gloves in a Bottle is that you do not need a lot of the lotion to go a long way. A small dime-sized amount was too much for my long hands. I did notice that my skin absorbed this light unscented lotion very quickly and my fingertips were finally at rest. I did not need to reapply Gloves in a Bottle every 30 minutes either. I was doing that with everything else I had tried. Because Gloves in a Bottle shields and seals in moisture your skin heals faster and stays protected longer the more you use it. It clears up your dry skin condition quickly. I decided that I would go a step further and create a body glove effect. After my shower one morning, I applied Gloves in a Bottle to my whole body, minus my face. As I went through my day, I noticed that my legs did not feel tight or itchy. Neither did the rest of my body. Gloves in a Bottle works well on hands and the rest of your body and an added bonus, it is gluten-free. This product is necessary have for anyone who wears latex gloves (the powder inside is a drying agent), works with their hands, is a swimmer or has sensitive skin.

The only drawback to this product is that it is not available in many places. When I put in my zip code, it gave me a uniform store nearby that carried the lotion. I cannot see going out of my way to a place, I never shop at to pick up one bottle of lotion. For a location near you click here.


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