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January 23, 2008


Gina Garrubbo and Patricia Bazan Garrubbo wanted a healthier life for themselves and for their families. Tired of all the dyes and chemicals that come in many of today’s products they decided to create a line all on their own called, Terralina. Terralina is based on their belief that what goes onto your skin goes into your body. I believe in this as well and think of it each time I use sunless tanner or fade cream. I tested out a few of the Terralina products (there are five currently) and found them to be quite nice.

The Gentle Facial Cleanser (3.5 oz for $24) is soft to the touch. There are no sulfates, additives, use of mineral oil or detergents in this product. That sells me right there. It doesn’t lather because of this either. Rosewood and white tea give the cleanser a light scent that I was not crazy about but that is a matter of preference alone. The cleanser works well and the olive oil in it moisturized my skin and kept it clean and fresh instead of stripped and dry. The oats and botanical cleansers balanced out my skin and I really liked how it worked and felt over all.

Next I tried the body lotion ($28 for 8 oz). Terralina sells the body lotion scented and fragrance-free. The fragrance-free was my personal favorite as the scented has the same scent that the facial cleanser does. It is a light lotion and it has a nice staying power. It goes on easy and does not stick, as some natural lotions tend to do. The combination of shea butter, sandalwood, olive oil and other natural items help the lotion to fully moisturize and seep into your skin. I would use it again in the fragrance free formula.

Terralina also offers other facial, body products, and has the option of buying kits and having items gift-wrapped which is a nice personal touch. The pricing is a bit on the high side but many natural products are right now. I hope they expand their line and drop their prices a bit to make it more readily available to people. They also list all their ingredients with each product right there on the webpage and that is a nice touch.