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November 30, 2007

So What do I Want?

As a reviewer I see a lot of interesting products and some that while weird I fall in love with and keep using. At this time of year particularly people begin asking me what it is that I can recommend for their kid, grandmother, aunt, pastor's neighbor's wife and dog groomer. I usually have something great to share too. Then today I thought, but what do I want? Being a product junkie seems to have confused people/gift-givers and they claim to never know what to buy me. Well, if anyone is listening or so inclined here is a list of things that Mummy (me!) wants-

1. A chocolate pot. Nothing makes me happier on a cold winter day than frothy hot chocolate.

2. Except maybe this beauty. It doesn't even have to be a cold day. But just maybe a bit bigger. Mummy likes shiny things.

3. Ok, I confess the Britney Spears Blackout CD.

4. And the DVD of the mini-series, Scarlett. I have some seriously bad taste. Shut up already.

5. Purses. Bags. Galore! Especially leather. I crave them. Covet them. It's sick really.

6. BoobyDooby T's - Size Small- Paul McCartney or Janis Joplin.

7. Itunes gift cards make my day.

8. Slipcovers. Let's not get into how grotesque my dining room chairs look after a year or two toddler infestation. These would be idea. Four please in natural.

9. THIS IS FABULOUS in Merle and/or The Her Royal Highness Style.

That's about it. See I'm not so hard to please.



Stephanie said...

That chocolate pot might be a good idea for both my mom and Mike's mom... Hmmm. And me.

Lauren said...

Y'know, I put Britney's "greatest hits" CD on my wish list. So I feel your shame.