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October 24, 2007

TykeLight- A glowing adventure

From Mobi technologies I bring you the soft ambient night light that is TykeLight! TykeLight is the plug-free child friendly night light. Its person-like shape makes it easy for small children to hold on to and it is super easy to clean and sanitize. What more could a parent ask for?

I tested out this night light on my own daughter for about a week. I let her handle it first before I charged it and she thought the lightweight lavender object was a toy. She carried it around the house for a few days along with her baby. Then I charged it and set it on her nightstand for a night. This thing is remarkably easy to use that even a two year old can figure out how to turn it on. It goes from dim to bright and has a timer too. One charge lasts up to ten hours!

After one night she immediately wanted to have the night light back on and this time I tucked it in her bed with her. That is the beauty of the TykeLight. It won’t get hot even as it burns away the night time hours. My daughter can literally hold on to it as she sleeps. It is great for those kids who like to take a night time romp around their room and do a little exploring or even those who need a lighted way on their nocturnal bathroom treks. I would even take this night light on trips and outdoors because it’s so durable and impact-resistant. Believe me in one week it has dropped from our stairs onto hardwood floor without a scratch more than once.

The TykeLight recharges fast and will stay illuminated while charging too. It is modern looking and not gimmicky like some other children’s products and it comes in a variety of colors to match virtually any room d├ęcor. It’s also made of a soft glow in the dark material that kids can find if it gets lost at night. Ingenious really. While it may seem steep to pay $24.95 for a night light this one can travel, is durable, and will last a lot longer than any discount store brand. It is also sold in a variety of place like Amazon, BabyCenter (where it is NOW 50% OFF) and Nextag.

It makes a unique gift and even stocking stuffer for those kids who are afraid of things that go bump in the night or believe in monsters that lurk in the closet. Who knows the TykeLight’s slightly alien-like shape may actually help your tyke make friends with the boogie under the bed.