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October 1, 2007

Handbags by Daphne

Founded in 1996, Handbags by Daphne are designed by Daphne herself. Seeking to create timeless handbags as well as those that might seem “outside the box” her bags are impossible to miss. In fact, the very first time I used my Smart bag it created a stir. I could see people leaning over to check it out as I stood in line. I felt their stares as they looked at the bag wondering where I might have gotten it. It was kind of exciting!

I tested out the ingenious Smart bag (which comes in two sizes) by Daphne which was created by input from her followers. The Smart bag can be worn as a tote or as a hobo bag. I think this is one terrific idea. The easy to use straps tie the bag into the hobo shape quickly and untie just as fast to turn it into a convenient tote. I love it! The bag itself is beautiful. The fabric is one of an Old Italian tapestry that has a divine look and feel to it. The sheen of the gold intertwined with the brilliant turquoise is quite striking. It makes a great fall handbag! Inside this deep bag which also closes easily with a magnetic snap you’ll find one zippered compartment and one open compartment. I like to keep my lip gloss in the zippered and my cell phone in the open one. I also like how the pockets are just high enough for me to place my keys in and then retrieve them quickly without having to search around for them deep inside the bag. This bag is deliciously lined in black satin which just adds to its charm. I can’t wait to continue using it again and again and telling people all about it. The straps on it are just the right length as is the size of the bag coming in at 11.5 inches high and it wears comfortably on the shoulders. The full tote shape is 15.5 inches long by 11.5 inches high by 3.5 inches wide and the extra large size in the full tote shape is 18 inches long by 13 inches high by 6 inches wide so you just need to figure out how much bag do you really need. The Smart bag makes a terrific everyday handbag.

Daphne has also created the incredible 3-Way bag. It works as a backpack, a cross over the shoulder bag or a bag with just short straps. This versatile handbag can fit many an occasion and transition well from work to after hours. It is lightweight and only takes a few seconds to convert the straps. Daphne has other creations as well. Her chenille or tapestry Clutch bags also make the transition from day to night well and are a great size for when you don’t need to carry a lot of stuff. She has a charming set of Wrist bags too. They hang gracefully and free from your wrist giving you the ability to dance with your bag and not have to worry about where to place it. It is both light and sturdy and fits just the basics for a night out. Just in time for the fall season and the feather trend Daphne has a rather lovely line of Feather bags. These bags are beautiful and will add extra oomph and TA DA! to any outfit. They have a personality that is all their own with their real ostrich feathers and silk satin fabrics.

Handbags by Daphne are quality made handbags. They are versatile, stylish, and striking. When you carry a Handbag by Daphne you feel as if you are setting yourself apart from the crowd and really letting your personality shine through. So go ahead- check out all her latest designs. They are modestly priced for the quality they and ship fast! For more information and to order a Handbag by Daphne click here or at her Etsy site here.


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