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October 3, 2007

Go Natural- Nail Polish and Remover

In my effort to ‘go green’ I’ve been on the lookout for not just household cleaning products but also personal ones. Being the product junkie that I am I was pretty excited to find Go Natural the non toxic polish and polish remover by Mad River Sciences. The nice people over at Mad River sent me a few samples of polish and one bottle of remover to try and I can safely report that this is a gem of a product and company.

First up, the remover. It has no odor. No fumes emanate from the bottle and nothing noxious hits your nostrils. Because it’s non-toxic I felt a bit better when I realized my daughter had gotten nail polish on her face. I used the Go Natural remover and it worked fast and easily like any typical remover yet without the harsh chemicals. There are two types of the remover, one for California residents who need a no VOC formula and the simply odorless one for all other states. The removers contain Aloe Vera and Vitamin E in them to help nails and is safe to use on sensitive nails or acrylic ones. It earns an A+ in my book. It works fast and again, I love the no fume thing.

I also tried three nail polishes by Go Natural. A pearly beige called Clam Shell, which is oh so in and much like the hot for fall Chanel version, a pearly purple called Sunset @ 7:52, and a red tone cream polish labeled Crimson Tide. Let’s not comment on how I hope a woman didn’t give a polish that name. I was pleasantly surprised by each color. They all went on extremely smooth. There were no stray brush hairs or even streaks in the polish which is thinner than the regular polishes but not too watery either. It lasted for over three weeks on my summer barefoot feet too! There are over 30 (4 ounces for $5.25) different colors to choose from which are odorless as well. Not only are these polishes fume-free they are also good for your nails and the environment. They contain no harsh chemicals, formaldehyde, toluene, or acetone! These polishes are really great if you have brittle nails or have a hard time with chemicals. I for one am a convert and think these will make a great stocking stuffers and gifts for my friends and family.

For ordering information, colors, and more on this fabulous and safe product click here.


Maureen said...

Thanks for the review! I was looking at sites for non-toxic nail polish/remover products. I plan on purchasing some stuff on-line since I don't know how else to find it. Your review has helped me feel better about trying this product.