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September 5, 2007

Taste America! A celebration of food.

Normally, this is not the type of thing I endorse, but since I actually think it's a good idea and could benefit others I'm willing to do so.

Just in time for the fall harvest comes,Taste America, a celebration of food. This is a fun, creative and interactive website designed to help children learn the value and importance of food and where it actually comes from. There are games, such as Play with your Food, and a monthly Harvest Hero for kids to read up on and learn tips about eating right. It is all part of the James Beard foundation and has an equally engaging adult portion of the website where folks can go and discuss local foods and great places to eat.

Essentially it is one terrific sight to take your kids and yourself to and will keep them and possibly you engaged and learning for hours on end. Besides I was quite amused that that Tomato, complete with a superhero mask, is the Harvest Hero of the month.