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September 26, 2007

Ryka- MC2 Walking Shoes

I am a walker. There is no doubt about it. I have completed numerous walk-a-thons as well as having three Avon Walk’s under my belt (that’s 39.3 miles) and A LOT of shoes. I’ve become a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to sneakers. I know what works for me and what does not. I’m also pretty brand loyal. When it’s time for a new set of kicks I simply queue up to my local running shoe store and purchase a pair just like the last. I threw caution to the wind when I signed on to review Ryka’s new MC2 Walk shoe. They are good shoes after all as they have sponsored the Avon Walk every year and they are designed for woman.

When I first opened the box I screamed. And not in a good way. The sheer whiteness of the shoe made me cringe. How was I going to wear these in public? They looked like something the retired women who haunt my gym wear or worse something my mother would buy. The only other color to drown out the white glare is beige. A beige dot or two and I am not a beige girl. I have HUGE feet too. I like a bit of subtle color and gray to camouflage my feet. So it was with a heavy heart that I slipped my feet into these new walking shoes. I felt like a world class dork as I built up my pace on my first outing.

The fit on the MC2’s is surprisingly nice though. They are ultra cushy without being too soft. I really loved the way the MC2’s hugged my heels and ankles adding extra stability and support. The middle of the shoe is quite narrow for a sneaker that has so much “motion control” which is great for those of us who have to buy such large togs. I’ve clocked in quite a few hours of walking with these new shoes and no matter the terrain, be it street or gym, they have held up quite well. There is a spring in my step (thanks Nitracel!) and the sizing is accurate. The price of $79.99 can’t be beat either as I normally shell out about $110 even with a walker’s discount. Still I have been made fun of for wearing such “old lady” shoes and people have actually gasped at them in horror which doesn’t make me want to buy them again. If these shoes were really made for women they would have a bit more style and color added in to balance the durability, pronation prevention and quality of this shoe. Then again, maybe look and style just doesn’t matter to some folks.

The MC2 Walking Shoe by Ryka can be purchased at various locations or online here. For more reviews on this shoe and other Ryka shoes visit PBN and read what other bloggers are saying. Visit RYKA they are giving away 50 shoes a day through October! You can enter (for more free shoes) and every time someone you recommend signs up, you get another entry!


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