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September 10, 2007

My Bedbugs Children's Series

They sing! They dance! They learn valuable lessons all at the same time. It’s My Bedbugs, the new DVD series, by GreeneStuff Inc. Join this brother and sister trio of Woozy, Toofy, and Gooby as they go on adventures, learn about teamwork, and have fun while doing it.

I reviewed three episodes in this series. The Lost Sock Adventure, Pirates of the Bedbugabean, and Rainy Day. Each episode teaches children the importance of working on a project as a team. There are lots of original songs and dancing added too. My daughter found the dancing and singing to be the most fun of each episode. Each time a song is sung or a dance has begun it gave her the chance to participate in the action and she loved that.

The cast in My Bedbugs are brightly colored, life-sized characters. Think of that famous purple dinosaur and you are on the right track. The show is simple in concept but teaches valuable lessons to children that they can use later on in the classroom and in life. Each episode points out the need to learn to work together as a team while illustrating another lesson such as organization and the importance of keeping one’s room clean, map segments, or storm safety. As children grow they will find the need to work in teams but that it can be challenging as well. My Bedbugs can give them a head start on this.

There are many other characters that join in the fun throughout each episode. There’s Windy, the window, who strives to let sunshine into the bedbugs world. J.Edgar, the vacuum, is the voice of reason and a teacher to the bedbugs. Snoozy, the pillow, acts as a favorite toy or security blanket. Then finally there is Ruffy, their pet fish, who joins the bedbugs on all their adventures. Your child will love this fun bunch as they dance, sing, and teach together!

More information on My Bedbugs can be found on their website. Check it out for information on joining the Bedbug Club, games, seeing the Bedbugs LIVE and local TV listings.