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August 27, 2007

Mucky's Morsels- Freshly Baked, Incredibly Delish Treats!

Cookies of all varieties, I just love them! I love baking them, the smell of fresh cookies, even in the morning! How about a Breakfast cookie? That's right, a Breakfast cookie. The lovely people over at Mucky's Morsels recently sent me three batches of their fine cookies to try including the Breakfast cookie.

Made up of cornflakes, oatmeal, coconuts and bits of walnuts the Breakfast cookie is not too sweet but certainly makes a great snack or morning pick me up. When they arrived at my door they were still soft and fresh. Not one was broken! They were also not overly packaged which is a plus in my book. Anytime a company can figure out a way to package correctly without using thousands of peanuts or packing paper I'm happy. All the ingredients in these cookies are natural and fresh. You can tell in each bite.

I was eager to try the other two cookie types so I basically just ripped open the bags and passed them out to my family as fast as I could. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup is the color of a rich dark chocolate. The pleasantly plump peanut butter chips are more like chunks and were a bit melty which worked out just fine. The soft cookie and light sweetness combined well. These cookies aren't sickly overpowering in flavor while also not being bland and floury. I liked this combination. Alyson Hackett, the owner of Mucky's Morsels, has a nice touch.

I tried the Mint Chocolate Chip cookie last and well, I saved the best for last. Often times mint flavoring will overpower an item, but not in this cookie. It was cool to bite into with just a hint of mint. The nicely sized chocolate chips were a good contrast and created a very complementary cookie. The thickness of the cookie with the size makes this and all the other Mucky's Morsels flavors just right. They are not too big or thick and yet you don't feel cheapened because they are defintely not too small.

And why the name Mucky? Mucky is Alyson's father, Mel. Her oldest son, Chase changed his name from Grampy Mel to Mucky and the name stuck. The cookie business is a family venture so what could be better than a family name?

Head on over to Mucky's Morsels and you will find many cookie types, eleven in all and brownies too! They have shipping rates all listed right there as well as shipping times. I can attest it was prompt and the cookies were fantastic! They are mixed, baked, and shipped all in the same day to guarantee freshness. There are monthly specials, a Mucky of the Month Club, and even a Military Cookie Program which makes them even better. There are always discounts and you can order by fax and phone if the online thing isn't for you.


Eva said...

I have tried different cookies from Mucky's Morsel and loved every one of them. I especially like the Chocolate Nut Decadence cookies. If you haven't tried Mucky's you should definitely order today.