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August 12, 2007

Kids Love Spanish! Volume I: Basic Words

‘Kids Love Spanish, Volume I, Basic Words’ DVD by the Brock sisters, Julie and Krisse, aims to teach your tyke the very basics of the Spanish language. Children exposed to a foreign language at an early age are often times more creative, learn faster, have self- confidence, and a competitive advantage later in life. This DVD has lots of singing, interaction between kids and adults, and heavy repetition for each basic word. It works too! In the first viewing my 18 month old daughter began saying ‘Gato’, which is Spanish for cat.

Each DVD in this seven disc series is about thirty minutes long and recommended for children ages 1-8+. I think for children older than 18 months it would work wonderfully if used on a regular basis, but it was too long to hold my daughters attention for more than half of it. The repetition of the words and examples shown in the DVD work well and gets the idea across to the viewer. Julie and Krisse use their own kids in the DVD’s and teach with such joy that it makes learning easy and fun for the whole family. While I didn’t love the sometimes hokey songs and continuous smiling, my daughter did, and I believe it enhanced her learning experience. She danced around during the song segments and pointed excitedly at the TV screen even saying hello when waved to. The songs were catchy enough to draw her back to the DVD even at the end which is something that not every edutainment DVD can do.

This is a useful DVD for teaching the basics of Spanish. Parents are encouraged during the lesson to join in and should as it only seeks to increase the learning process for their children. ‘Kids Love Spanish’ Volume I: Basic Words is not flashy, loud, and over the top. It strikes an easy going note that makes learning Spanish enjoyable.

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