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March 30, 2007

Garden Kitchen

This is for all you Virginia is for Lovers out there- or the "Hey! I just live here's".

A tiny little restaurant expanded into the dinner hour this week. The Garden Kitchen in Occoquan. While already a great place for an afternoon snack of sinfully delicious pies or a great lunch of chicken salad, the Garden Kitchen has proved itself worthy enough for dinnertime.

My group consisted of five people and we all ordered different menu items from appetizers to soup, salads, entrees and dessert. We were seated promptly by the owner and led to a corner table. The dining area was now set up with tiny tea light candles and white tablecloths. Soft lighting brightened the cozy room. After perusing the menu for a bit we placed our order and our food was brought to us in a decent amount of time. Our water glasses always full. I tried the Round Hill Chardonnay and found it to be mellow and easy on the palate. The cream of brocolli soup was thick with fresh chunks of brocolli and even a green bean or two. A slice of parmasean cheese topped it. It was quite good. As was the fresh mesculn greens salad with a tart but tasty house vinaigrette. My friends found the artichoke spinach dip with french bread divine. The chicken quesadilla appetizer which doesn't quite fit the foods on the rest of the menu was also praised. The chicken caesar salad had some still pink chicken but it was promptly taken care of and brought back. That was one kink in the evening. No one wants to treat themselves to salmonella. The lemon chicken went over well and was cooked properly.

Exquisite presentation of the food is definetly a part of Garden Kitchen. Each dish whether soup, salad or entree is put together beautifully and artistically. This is something that is really lacking in the PW county area. An area ripe with chains and lacking in taste and quality when it comes to dining. It was refreshing to find it at the tucked away Garden Kitchen. The chef, Frederic Jobin of Quebec, comes to each table to chat with guests and that is truly a nice touch.

While this small dining establishment, which has been around since 1974, will have to iron out some new opening snafu's I think it will do incredibly well with it's service. It is soothing. It will be great in the upcoming warm months to eat on the terrace. The selection of wine and spirits works well with the food. Garden Kitchen's dinner hours brings something new to this neck of the dining woods; a touch of class.

The Garden Kitchen provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering services. The bakery located inside is known for it's authentic and scrumptious fares already. It is great for a quiet night out or informal dining. I highly recommend it. So go to downtown Occoquan and find it at 404 Mill St.