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November 26, 2008

"The Beauty Company skincare line, is a 'dream team' in high-quality skincare products based on the philosophy of accessibility, efficacy and simplicity in a daily skincare regimen. Beauty Company's skincare line boasts all that is necessary for maintaining healthy, and radiant skin."
Moderately priced from $6 to $31 this San Francisco based company offers a full skincare line for all skin types. I tried the basic routine and found these results.
The Gentle Glycolic Cleanser ($17 for 8 oz) works well for everyday use. It's light pink in color, light in texture and does not lather as much as it creates a white film when applied to the face. There's virtually no scent to it either. It cleanses well and doesn't strip your skin of moisture which I liked. I also did not notice any change in my complexion upon switching from my regular cleanser to this one.
The Firming Eye Serum ($16 for .05 oz) really works! I noticed a difference within about an hour after application. The skin around my eyes tightened and looked firmer which I did not expect. Rich in elastin and plant extracts it helps to lift the skin and nourish it. I felt like I was getting a mini eye-lift each time I used it.
Oil Free Moisturizer ($15 for 2.0 oz) is light in texture and goes on very smooth. There is almost no trace of scent to it which is a plus and it did not clog my pores or create an oil slick on my face. Yes, my skin can do that even with oil free moisturizers. I did not break out after using this repeatedly either. My skin felt just right even when we were hit with suddenly cooler temperatures.
The Perfecting Masque ($16 for 2 oz.) is by far my favorite product from The Beauty Company. It is white, thick and feels like clay. I used it twice a week as directed to help clear my skin and it actually did the trick. I was beginning to get a bit of blemish on my chin and after one use of this masque I noticed it cleared right up! I highly recommend this product.
Beauty Company has been around since 2002 and is inspired by the apothecaries from Asia and Europe. The products have a sleek look to them and a boutique feel about them yet you don't pay the boutique or high-end spa prices. They work efficiently and I really feel that they are worth the money.